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2018 deadline: 15th of January 2018

Competition Regulations

International Film Festival for Children and Youth Kinolub 2018

I. General Terms:

  1. The International Competition of the Children’s Film Festival Kinolub 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the Competition) is regulated by the following regulations.
  2. A film will be accepted into the Competition only if it complies with all the criteria and requirements provided in the following regulations.
  3. Films with inappropriate content shall not be accepted (i.e. offensive to religious/minority groups, pornography).

II. Organizer:

The organizer of the Festival is the IKS Foundation
with a postal address in Poland, 40-040 Katowice, Lompy 14/500,

III.  Festival Dates and Locations:

  1. The 2018 edition of the Festival will take place from the 1st to the 30th of June 2018.
  2. The Festival’s is held in the Festival cities in Southern Poland, including Rzeszów, Kraków, Rybnik, Kielce. The full list of the Festival cities will be published on the Festival website.

IV. Deadlines:

  1. The Competition announcement: the 24th of October 2017.
  2. Competition entries deadline: the 15th of January 2018
    (as evidenced by the post mark on the envelope).
  3. The list of films selected to the Competition shall be announced no later than the 1st of April 2018 on the website The Organizer shall contact only the filmmakers of the selected films.

V.  Requirements:

  1. Both full-length and short films; live-action and animated films are entitled to be entered into the Competition, as long as they are dedicated for children and youth between the ages 4 and 18.
    The organizer reserves the right to evaluate and assign an age group for any film.
  2. By entering a film into the Competition the applicant is granting the Organizer a non-exclusive license to exhibit the film during the Festival in all the Festival cities (according to the Festival program) as well as during all Festival Replicas; as well as to copy and modify the film only in order to create a version with the Polish language voice-over or subtitles.
    The copyright holder must provide the consent for the use of the film as specified herein.
  3. Moreover, by entering a film into the Competition the applicant is granting the Organizer non-exclusive free of charge license to use fragments of the film for marketing purposes (i.e. in Festival adverts: published on the website, shown in cinemas, shown in marketing offers).

VI. Film entry:

  1. Entering a film into the Competition is not subject to any registration fee to be paid to the Organizer, however the applicant shall bear any and all costs related to the submittal of the film and the entry form.
  2. Before the 15th of January 2018 the Applicant shall deliver to the Organizer:
  • The signed entry form (by traditional mail or e-mail in the form of scan) which is available at the website. Each film entry should be filled out on a separate entry form.
  • A high-quality copy of the film to be delivered:
    ◦    by mail on an unprotected CD or DVD disc, or
    ◦    via Internet portals or or similar at the dedicated account of Festival KINOLUB, or
    ◦    through file-hosting services (WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.) providing a download link, or
    ◦    via streaming services (Vimeo, Youtube, other)The movie submitted to the Competition:
    ◦    shall contain Polish or English subtitles unless the language of dialogues or texts is Polish or English
    ◦    shall not contain watermarks, timer, nor any markings diminishing the projection quality.
  • A synopsis of the film in Polish or English.
  • At least 5 stills or pictures (min. 300 dpi, .jpg or .tif format) from the film.
  • The dialogue list or subtitles with a timer, in a digital editable format (not .pdf) –  if the film contains dialogues.

The materials mentioned in points 3-5 shall be sent in a digital form via e-mail to or on a CD/DVD via traditional mail.

VII. Selection:

  1. The Organizer shall choose Competition films from among all submitted films.
  2. The number of films selected for the Competition shall be determined by the Organizer depending on the Festival’s programming capacities.
  3. The decision of the Organizer about the chosen films is final.
  4. The final decision shall be announced no later than the 1st of April 2018.  The list of the films admitted to the Competition shall be published on the Festival website
  5. Film copies submitted to the Festival shall not be returned to the Applicants and shall be archived.
  6. If the screening copy is lost or damaged during the Festival, the Organizer will be liable only for the cost of making a new copy at the current laboratory rate applicable to the production of a standard copy.
  7. The KINOLUB Festival provides filmmakers of selected films a full festival accreditation, valid for all Festival venues and events, should they choose to visit the event. All an any other costs of filmmakers’ participation shall be borne by the filmmakers unless stated otherwise in an invitation to the Festival.

VIII. Festival Jury and Prize:

  1. The Competition films will be judged at the Festival by Festival Jury appointed by the Organizer before the 1st  of June 2018. Members of the jury are not involved in making any of films entered to the Competition.
  2. During the Competition Festival Jury will award  prizes in two categories: for the best full-length film and for the best short film.
  3. The Organizer is entitled to award an additional financial price.  The appropriate tax fee shall be paid by the Winner of the Competition as stated in the Polish taxation law.
  4. In case of such award, the prize shall be paid to the director of the awarded film. The Organizer and the person entitled to receive the award will agree on the method of transfer of the award.
  5. Winners shall be announced during the Festival’s closing event and at the Festival website.

Marta Kraus
International Festival for Children and Youth Kinolub

This Regulation was drawn up in two languages: Polish and English.
In case of any discrepancies between the Polish and English versions, the Polish version shall prevail.