2019 Edition

3rd – 19th June 2019
12 cities in Poland
· Rzeszów · Krosno · Zatwarnica · Kraków · Wiśniowa ·
· Kielce · Pińczów · Busko-Zdrój · Solec-Zdrój · Nowy Korczyn ·
· Rybnik · Skoczów ·


Juries 2019 included:
– Adult Professional Jury
– Children’s Jury
– Youth Jury
– Special Jury of the national Network of Art House and Local Cinemas.

Grażyna Bochenek, Agnieszka Karp-Szymańska, Tomasz Jurkiewicz, Dominik Nykiel, Jola Jarecka, Emilia Żuber

Grand Prix – Feature Film:

directed by Priya Ramasubban
India, 2018

For a vision of the world, where there is a place for respect, intergenerational understanding, empathy and community. For a great story shown in its cultural context and most of all, for showing the power of believing in dreams in spite of all difficulties.

Grand Prix – Short Film:

Second Class
directed by Jimmy Olsson
Sweden 2018

For the precise and wise lesson about love, truth and anger.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Rock’n’Roll Eddie, directed by Tomasz Szafrański, Poland, 2018 – for beautiful story about friendship, told with incredible spectacle and dynamism from the first to the last minute. For intelligent sense of humor and the great opportunity for adults to recognize many popcultural motives.
  • Pouiot (Poupiot À L’école Des Omelettes), directed by Fernando Barreto Arroyave, Switzerland, 2018 – for the way in which the film showed us how to graduate in frendship and choose our own path in life.

Julia, Zuza, Weronika, Laura (Rzeszow) and Antek, Mikołaj, Karol, Tomek, Wojtek (Krakow)

Best Feature Film: – ex aequo:

directed by Priya Ramasubban
India, 2018

“Chuskit” – a universal film for kids and adults, realistic and moving. The film showed emotions and the life of an Indian girl who could not walk. Nicely acted and very touching.

Rock’n’Roll Eddie
directed by Tomasz Szafrański
Poland, 2018

“Rock’n’Roll Eddie” is a special film because it’s gripping, touching and sometimes funny. It has a suprising story and a lot of plot twists. The actors were great, so we have chosen this film.

Best Short Film:

A Modest Defeat
directed by David Barr
Great Britain, 2018

“A Modest Defeat” shows real situations – the relationship between sisters and brothers, what is sometimes difficult. The film is very touching and emotional. We enjoyed this movie.

Honorable Mention:

People Talk, directed by Grzegorz Paprzycki, Poland, 2018 – for an incredible atmosphere and the combination of thiller with documentary. Kept us on the edge of the seat, showing how poeple create gossip that are not true and can be hurtful.

Patrycja, Julia, Dominika, Ziemowit, Kamil, Michał, Jakub, Dominik, Karol, Jakub (Rzeszow) and Hania, Mania, Ola (Krakow)

Best Film:

Second Class
directed by Jimmy Olsson
Sweden 2018

Film touches on a very important subject: intolerance that has become common. Amazing cinematography. Exceptional script. Great acting.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Amir Ali, directed by Shiva Ghanbarian, Iran 2019 – the film shows how difficult it is to live in a broken family. Filmed in two shots, makes the viewer connect with the characters. It plays on emotions and expectations. The open ending allows the audience to come up with their own conclusions, opinions and interpretations.
  • The Last Color, directed by Vikas Khanna, India, 2019 – a deeply moving story, pointing to the things that are trully important in life. It is impossible not to fall in love with the main character. The jury also appreciated the colorful cinematography and the possibility to learn about the Indian culture.

Bolesław Drochomirecki, Piotr Kotowski

Best Film:

Here My Village, directed by Abas Aram, Iran, 2019

Honorable Mention:

Chuskit, directed by Priya Ramasubban, India, 2018

The Network of Art House and Local Cinemas will recommend these films to Polish distributors, aiming for them to be shown on over 200 screens of cinemas united in the Network and allowing them to be part of the Network’s educat ional initiatives for children.




  1. Stop the Horned Vikings!, dir. by Ilya Belostotsky, Russia
  2. The Last Color, dir. by Vikas Khanna, India
  3. My Giraffe, dir. by Barbara Bredero, The Netherlands
  4. Władcy przygód. Stąd do Oblivio, dir. by Tomasz Szafrański, Poland
  5. Stammer, dir. Mohammadreza Haji Gholami, Iran
  6. Time is Running, dir. by Matthias Kubusch & Robert von Wroblewsky, Germany
  7. Chuskit, dir. by Priya Ramasubban, India
  8. Here My Village, dir. by Abas Aram, Iran


  1. 1-0, dir. by Nada ElAzhary, United Arab Emirates
  2. 10 ka 4, dir. by Rahul Yadav, India
  3. 2nd Class, dir. by Jimmy Olsson, Sweden
  4. A Modest Defeat, dir. by David Barr, United Kingdom
  5. About Our Astronauts, dir. by Galina Golubeva, Russian Federation
  6. Ahmed & Markus, dir. by Maria Eriksson-Hecht, Sweden
  7. Ajo, dir. by More Raca, Kosovo
  8. Alan, dir. by Mostafa Gandomkar, Iran
  9. Amir Ali, dir. by Shiva Ghanbarian, Iran
  10. Angel’s Mirror, dir. by Cheng Chao, China
  11. At a fingertips, dir. by Daria Barsukova, Russian Federation
  12. Bear With Me, dir. by Clotilde Chivot, Camille Heng, Caroline Marcon, Justine Mettler, Marianne Reine, Tiphaine Vergriete, France
  13. Daisy, dir. by Yu Yu, Taiwan
  14. Dollhouse, dir. by Ezgi Temel, Turkey
  15. Endless Games, dir. by Elif Yiğit, Turkey
  16. Funny Fish (Drôle de poisson), dir. by Krishna Chandran A. Nair, France
  17. Goal…, dir. by MANOJ S NAIR, India
  18. Hedgehog, dir. by Vaibhav Keswani, Jeanne Laureau, Colombine Majou, Morgane Mattard, Kaisa Pirttinen, Jong-ha Yoon, France
  19. Hedieh, dir. by Sahar Sotoodeh, Iran
  20. Holly On The Summer Isle: The Exploration (Holly På Sommerøen: Opdagelsesrejsen), dir. by Karla Nor Holmbäck, Denmark
  21. Homies: Kinkaku-ji, dir. by Viktor Azeev, Russian Federation
  22. Imaginafriend (Amimaginaire), dir. by Robin Barriere, France
  23. Inside I’m Racing, dir. by Aleksander Szeser, Ireland
  24. Krenk, dir. by Tommaso Santi, Italy
  25. Light Trail, dir. by Melissa Pinto, United Kingdom
  26. Maraude and Murphy (Maraude et Murphy), dir. by Helene Ducrocq, France
  27. Mice, a small story, dir. by Jade Baillargeault, Nazli Doale, Dimitri James, Quang Daniel La, Morgane Lau, Mélanie Pango, Manon PringaultFrance
  28. Moon said: Blop Blop Help!, dir. by Reyhane Kavosh , Ali Raeis, Iran
  29. My best Friend’s Shoes (Rammat Gammat), dir. by Ajitpaal Singh, India
  30. Mother’s Day, dir. by Alexander Desouza, Canada
  31. My Little Boys – Couch, dir. by Jack Shih, Taiwan
  32. Nur, dir. by Gal Lin, Israel
  33. Over the Wall, dir. by Roy Zafrani, Israel
  34. People talk (We wsi gadają), dir. by Grzegorz Paprzycki, Poland
  35. Perfectly Naughty Kids, dir. by Tatiana Kiseleva, Russian Federation
  36. Please Frog, just one sip, dir. by Diek Grobler, South Africa
  37. Poupiot (Poupiot À L’École Des Omlettes), dir. by Fernando Barreto Arroyave, Switzerland
  38. Rebirthing (Cumplevidas), dir. by Jorge Naranjo, Spain
  39. River Neighbors (Drawsekani Robar), dir. by Keyvan Fahimi, Iran
  40. Snow, dir. by Aren Malakyan, Armenia
  41. Souffle court, dir. by Pierre-marie Adnet, Jean-luc Dessertaine, Guillaume Pochez, Tristan Poulain, Vincent Rouziere, Alessandro VergonnierFrance
  42. Stardust, dir. by Aldo Sotelo Lázaro, Mexico
  43. Tailored (Sur Mesure), dir. by Léa Cousty, Chloé Astier, Raphaël Guez, Mélanie Fourgeaud, Hugo Bourriez, Victoire Le Dourner, France
  44. The Gift Of Alice, dir. by Gabriele Marino, Italy
  45. The Hideout, dir. by Dave Deohans, India
  46. The Nixie (Świtezianka), dir. by Julia Bui Ngoc, Mai Bui Ngoc, Poland
  47. The Polygraph (or the virtue of knowing how to choose) (El Poligrafo (O La Virtud De Saber Elegir)), dir. by Marta López-Fdez, Spain
  48. The tales of Dotty Granny “The Moon’s basket” (Les Contes de Mami Zinzin “Le Panier de la Lune”), dir. by Yannick Lecoeur, France
  49. The Warsaw Robin (Warszawski Rudzik), dir. by Mackenzie S Bates, United States
  50. Unforgettable Memory of a Friend (Souvenir Inoubliable d’un Ami), dir. by Wissam Charaf, France
  51. Wander, dir. by Daniela Monzon Leotaud, Canada