2016 Edition

banery legalna kultura4

19th – 23rd of June 2015
10 cities in Southern Poland
· Kraków · Wiśniowa · Łódź · Boguchwała · Zatwarnica · Kielce · Pińczów · Busko-Zdrój · Rybnik · Skoczów ·


Adult Professional Jury:
Agnieszka Karp-Szymańska, Rafał Kosik, Kamil Dobrowolski, Łukasz Wojtusik, Tomasz Jurkiewicz, Sylwia Szczepańska-Horoszko

Main Prize – feature film

Celestial Camel (Nebesnyj Verbujud), dir. Jury Feting, Russia


A touching picture of a Kalmuk family. The values conveyed by the film bear a universal meaning, regardless of the geographical context. The jury believes that any viewer can easily connect with the main character, in spite of possible differences. The audience will be captured by the wild landscapes and accompany Bayir on this journey that will leave them richer. It is worth emphasizing that the filmmakers never infantilize the subject, but approach it in a mature way. That is why this is not only a children’s or young adult film, but it is recommended for all viewers.
Main Prize – short film

Strings (Cuerdas), dir. Pedro Solís García, Spain


For the light, charm and emotions with which this difficult story is told.
Honorable mention – short film

Summer of Sarah (Belle Guelle), dir. Emma Benestan, France

For the right to make mistakes that was wisely given to the main character by the director.

Didn’t See, Didn’t Do, dir. Rostislav Smirniagin, Russia

For being consequent in asking those questions from which it is difficult to run away.

Children’s Jury:
Daria, Mania, Madzia, Hania, Ola

Children’s Jury Prize – feature film

The Land of the Good Kiddies (Strana Horoshih Detochek), dir. Olga Kaptur, Russia


For all the beautiful words and the message aimed at naughty children (like us).
Children’s Jury Prize – short film

Trial & Error, dir. Antje Heyn, Germany


Because it suprised us and made us laugh.

Youth Jury:
Michał Woźny, Kamil Dąbrowski, Weronika Nowak

Youth Jury Award – short film

The Fantastic Love Of Beeboy & Flowergirl, dir. Clemens Roth, Germany


This is a unique, creative and universal film. Most of us will face, are facing or have faced the problem of sharing life with someone they have committed themselves to. In a very original way this short shows us something seemingly simple, yet of key importance for the coexistence of two people. It is not up to one person to adapt the lifestyle of the other, but the point is to find harmony and compromise. The film language and the humor employed in this story make is accessible to the younger audience, for the older viewers it is thought-provoking. We need to mention the technical aspect of the film: the combination of great acting with vibrant colors and crafty CGI.

Main Competition 2016

Feature Films:

1. Land of the good kiddies – directed by Olga Tomenko (Russia)
2. Ani ve snu! – directed by Petr Oukropec (Czech Republic)
3. Shoes – directed by Morteza Asemani (Iran)
4. Donkey Flies – directed by Paolo Tripodi, Marcello Fonte (Italy)
5. Celestial Camel – directed by Jury Feting (Russia)
6. 2 Penkuttikal – directed by Jeo Baby (India)
7. The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead – directed by Elliot Cowan (USA)

Short Films:

1. Hey Deer – directed by Örs Bárczy (Hungary)
2. Sissy’s dream – directed by Fabrizio Gammardella (Italy)
3. Michi – directed by Kaho Yoshida (Canada)
4. About coati – directed by Alexandra Slepchuk (Russia)
5. The Last Yeti – directed by Bori Mészáros (Hungary)
6. Angel star – directed by Wei-cheng Hsu (Taiwan)
7. Grumpy does reparis – directed by Radostina Neykova and Sofiya Ilieva (Bulgaria)
8. Papa! – directed by Natalie Labarre (USA)
9. Schwammerlbert – directed by Pia Auteried (Germany)
10. Rosso Papavero – directed by Martin Smatana (Slovakia)
11. Doña Ubenza – directed by Juan Manuel Costa (Argentina)
12. Looks – directed by Susann Hoffmann (Germany)
13. Moroshka – directed by Polina Minchenok (Russia)
14. I am not a Mouse – directed by Evgenia Golubeva (Great Britain)
15. Elemental (mi querido Watson) – directed by Javier Carreras (Spain)
16. Star Stuff – directed by Ratimir Rakuljic (Croatia)
17. Mars 3752 – directed by Nicolas Bianco-Levrin (France)
18. Christos and Dimitra – directed by Amerissa Basta (Greece)
19. Rich – directed by Camiel Schouwenaar (The Netherlands)
20. Born From Bran – directed by Mithun Chandran (India)
21. How I Got Made – directed by Tracy S. Facelli (USA)
22. La Mosca – directed by Marco Di Gerlando (Italy)
23. Trial & Error – directed by Antje Heyn (Germany)
24. Phobia – directed by Tymur Markunin (Canada)
25. The age of reason – directed by Mathilde Petit (France)
26. I’ve just had a dream – directed by Javi Navarro (Spain)
27. La Gran Aventura de Manel y los Palillos Mágicos – directed by Xavier Pijuan Sala (Spain)
28. Steven caught a Star – directed by Michiel ten Kleij (The Netherlands)
29. El Criptozoologo – directed by Vicente Mallols (Spain)
30. Fish & Flower – directed by Zanyar Tahmasebi (Iran)
31. Cuerdas – directed by Pedro Solís García (Spain)
32. Ein Schwan hat einen Plan – directed by Thomas Schneider-Trumpp (Germany)
33. Dreams – directed by Wagdy Rashed (Egypt)
34. La Vagabundo – directed by Emmanuel Moscoso (Argentina)
35. The Gift – directed by Gabriel Robertson
36. A Orelha De Van Gogh – directed by Thiago Franco (Brasil)
37. The Curse Of The Were-Rat – directed by Jan Julian Rospond (Great Britain)
38. Dede: Mehmet met de gele laarzen – directed by Tamara Miranda (The Netherlands)
39. Nasser – directed by Melissa Martens (The Netherlands)
40. Hursit – directed by Selcen Yilmazoglu (Turkey)
41. Miracle in the field – directed by Ezequiel Mendez Coria (Argentina)
42. Acabo de tener un sueno – directed by Javier Navarro Montero (Spain)
43. Bá – directed by Leandro Tadashi (Brasil)
44. Schleierhaft – directed by Tim Ellrich (Germany)
45. Rodløs – directed by Kira Richards Hansen (Denmark)
46. Ausstieg Rechts – directed by Rupert Höller, Bernhard Wenger (Austria)
47. Bang Bang! – directed by Julien Bisaro (France)
48. Didn’t See, Didn’t Do – directed by Rostislav Smirniagin (Russia)
49. Red – directed by Ario Saffarzadegan (Iran)
50. Fliegen – directed by Marcus Hanisch (Germany)
51. It’s winter – directed by Sapideh MirHosseini (Iran)
52. Belle Guelle – directed by Emma Benestan (France)
53. The Fantastic Love Of Beeboy & Flowergirl – directed by Clemens Roth (Germany)