2017 Edition


1st – 23rd Jne 2017
17 cities in Poland
· Rzeszów · Dębica · Boguchwała · Zatwarnica · Kraków · Wiśniowa ·
· Kielce · Pińczów · Busko-Zdrój · Chmielnik · Stopnica · Solec-Zdrój · Nowy Korczyn ·
· Rybnik · Bielsko-Biała · Sławków · Skoczów ·



Adult Professional Jury:
Agnieszka Karp-Szymańska, Aga Gonciarz, Magdalena Skubisz and Katarzyna Lubas

Main Prize – feature film

At Eye Level (Auf Augenhöhe), dir. Joachim Dollhopf & Evi Goldbrunner, Germany 2016


The film’s themes (tolerance, respect, the longing for acceptance, friendship, and love) are important for viewers of all ages. The surprising twists of the plot are deeply moving. The main character and his problems are relatable, complex, and true.
Main Prize – short film

Welcome (Bienvenidos), dir. Javier Fesser, Peru 2015


The film celebrates knowledge and human relations. Its director – Javier Fesser uses simple ideas to show us a captivating word – the one close to us and the one very far away.
Honorable mention – short film

Chika, dog from the ghetto (Chika, the dog in the ghetto), dir. Sandra Schießl, Germany 2016


Sandra Schießl’s film, based on the book by Batszewa Dagan is a perfect example of how to talk to children about Shoah.

Children’s Jury:
Julia, Laura, Blanka, Mania, Madzia, Hania, Ola

Children’s Jury Prize – feature film

At Eye Level (Auf Augenhöhe), dir. Joachim Dollhopf & Evi Goldbrunner, Germany 2016


We were moved by this film, because it was nicely made and it had a huge message that people should accept each other regardless of their heigth and looks.
Children’s Jury Prize – short film

The Challenge (Udfordringen), dir. Poul Erik Madsen, Denmark 2016


Every prank and challenge has its limits. Everyone has their own fears and we need to respect that. This was a great film.

Youth Jury:
Michał Woźny, Kamil Dąbrowski, Weronika Nowak

Youth Jury Prize – feature film

Apolo 81 (Apolo81), reż. Óscar Bernàcer, Hiszpania 2015


Thanks to the great concept by the director and fantastic performances this is the best short of the Kinolub Festival. The film leaves the viewer in a positive mood, although it contains a strong critique of the modern man – someone who does not have the courage to open up to another person, hiding the sensitive side under a shield that protects from other people.
Youth Jury’s Honorable Mention – short film

Autobus (Bus story), reż. Jorge Yudice, Hiszpania 2016


The film proves that every idea can come true. It is never boring, surprising with every second. We believe that it is the sound in this film that captivated our feelings, although most people do not notice it. Then there is the wonderful editing and cinematography. Each scene grabs our attention, builds tension, and shows us the characters who use their faces to bring even more emotions in the audiences.

Main Competition 2017

Feature Films:

1. Auf Augenhöhe, dir. by Joachim Dollhopf, Evi Goldbrunner, Germany
2. White blessing, dir. by Sengedorj Chanchivdorj, Mongolia
3. Chidiya, dir. by Mehran Amrohi, India
4. Boy on the bridge, dir. by Petros Charalambous, Cyprus
5. Pitch, dir. by Eduard Bordukov, Russia

Short Films:

1. The Cake, dir. by Fernando Sanchez, Spain
2. Fortune Guru, dir. by Thomas Scohy, France
3. Hospital da Memória, dir. by Pedro Paulo de Andrade, Brazil
4. The End, dir. by Mykyta Lyskov, Ukraine
5. Welcome To My World, dir. by Ching Wang, USA
6. Bus story, dir. by Jorge Yudice, Spain
7. How To Save Your Darling, dir. by Leopoldo Caggiano, Italy
8. Apolo81, dir. by Óscar Bernàcer, Spain
9. Down from heaven, dir. by Sasha Stanishik, Macedonia
10. Dwirang, dir. by Esha Katiyar, India
11. 17 ańos juntos, dir. by Javier Fesser, Spain
12. Mi Temps, dir. by Arnaud Pelca, France
13. About Arif, dir. by Hasan Kalender, Turkey
14. I am Sorry, dir. by Teodor Kuhn, Slovakia
15. Just this once, dir. by Mohammad Hassan Shahmohammadi, Iran
16. Observers, dir. by Nikola Ljuca, Serbia
17. God Knows, dir. by Ho Fung, Hong Kong
18. Magic Lantern, dir. by Roman Vereshchak, Russia
19. The Box, dir. by Merve Cirisoglu Cotur, Turkey
20. Thristy children, dir. by Rzgar Husen, Iraq
21. Udfordringen, dir. by Poul Erik Madsen, Denmark
22. Spill, dir. by Aaron Ellis, Australia
23. Bhavanda, dir. by Sandeep Brahmbhatt, India
24. Manzhety/The white cuffs, dir. by Ekaterina Ustjugova, Russia
25. Close your eyes.. well, dir. by Ali Albayati, Iraq
26. Getting Dressed Can Be Fun, dir. by Samuel Guénolé, France
27. Goal, dir. by Hanaa Saleh Alfassi, Saudi Arabia
28. Musician, dir. by Aleksei Borovikov, Russia
29. Chika, die hundin im ghetto, dir. by Sandra Schießl, Germany
30. Samedi cinema, dir. by Mamadou Dia, Senegal
31. Santiago, El niño de la playa, dir. by David Covo Camacho, Colombia
32. Kop op, dir. by J.Roggeveen, J. Oprins, M. Blaauw, The Netherlands
33. Summer with Monkey King, dir. by Ewing Luo, China
34. Le Premier Pas, dir. by David Noblet, Belgium
35. Two Peaches for Three Warriors, dir. by Eden Chan, Taiwan
36. The Most Amazing, dir. by Jordi Funtanet Velez, USA
37. My Dear Postman, dir. by Sandeep Brahmbhatt, India
38. Fears, dir. by Nata Metlukh, Canada
39. Bango Vassil, dir. by Milen Vitanov, Bulgaria/Germany
40. Bienvenidos, dir. by Javier Fesser, Peru
41. Dream Vending Machine, dir. by Hsueh-Cheng Lu, Taiwan
42. The Debt, dir. by Helen Flanagan, Ireland
43. Einstein-Rosen, dir. by Olga Osorio, Spain
44. Oh hiss!, dir. by Boris Brenot, Belgium
45. The Earth at my hands – Without water, dir. by Nicolas Conte, Argentina
46. Party Time, dir. by Jenni Kangasniemi, Finland
47. Miriami kana unistus, dir. by Andres Tenusaar, Estonia
48. Elephants Playmate, dir. by Hadi Tabasi, Iran
49. Endless Dreams, dir. by Farid Ayvazov, Azerbaijan
50. Spring in autumn, dir. by Tatiana Koublitskaja, Belarus
51. Egy kupac az elhagyatott réten, dir. by Szabolcs Pálfi, Hungary
52. Camino de agua para un pez, dir. by Mercedes Marro, Colombia/Spain
53. Piccolo Concerto, dir. by Ceylan Beyoglu, Germany
54. Waar is Ko?, dir. by Jorn Leeuwerink, The Netherlands
55. We Are Different Yet We Are The Same, dir. by Nur Firdaus, Indonesia
56. In a Cage, dir. by Loic Bruyere, France
57. The Runaway Biscuit, dir. by Pascale Hecquet, France
58. Dragon Hunt, dir. by Arnaud Demuynck, France