2018 Winners & Juries

kinolot.2018And the winners are…

Films from the Main Competition were reviewed by three juries:
– Adult Professional Jury
– Children’s Jury
– Youth Jury.

The winners will receive our new, rebranded Kinolot statuettes.


Grand Prix – Best Feature Film:


directed by Nila Madhab Panda
India, 2018


  • We awarded the Grand Prix to the film Halkaa for courage in undertaking a difficult subject and presenting it in an original and light way, accessible to the young viewer. The added value for the Polish audience is the opportunity to learn about the realities of living in a culturally remote country.

Grand Prix – Best Short Film:


Unicorn (La Licorne)
directed by Rémi Durin
France, 2016



  • A universal film that spurs artistic sensitivity and can serve as an introduction into the world values such as true friendship, freedom and tolerance. Moving, delightful, encouraging reflection.

Honorable mentions:

  • 21 days later, dir. by Mhamadreza Kheradmandan (Iran 2017) – for a film that impressed us with great production design and acting, as well as maturity in approaching an important topic,
  • Run Run as Fast as You Can, dir. by Katie Smith (Great Britain 2017) – for precise and engaging storytelling that leads us to hope in an unexpected way,
  • Icky, dir. by Parastoo Cardgar (Iran 2017) – for an original approach to the subject of diversity, captured in an extraordinary metaphor about one’s place in society,
  • Schoolyard Blues (Skolstartssorg), dir. by Maria Eriksson-Hecht (Sweden 2017) – for the empathetic, moving portrait of a child facing his first life challenges.

Julia, Zuza, Laura (Rzeszów) & Mania and Ola (Kraków)

Best Feature Film:

The Family Jumble
(La mia Famiglia a soqquadro),
dir. by Max Nardari,
Italy 2016


Best Short Film:



The Chocolate Soldier,
dir. by Jackson Smith,
USA 2017



Klara, Dominika, Kamil, Michał

Best Film:icky_3

dir. by Parastoo Cardgar,
Iran 2017



  • „Icky” in a very considered way shows how being different is treated by the society. It is not about being someone worse than others, it is about a conscious choice not to conform, be “icky” for everyone else.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Nour, dir. by Khalil Dreyfus Zaarour (Lebanon 2017) – the film deserves an honorable mention as it was for us a door to an uknown world that we discover with every minute.
  • Run Run as Fast as You Can, dir. by Katie Smith (Great Britain 2017) – for its surprising and enigmatic style, the tension took our breath away.

Adult Professional Jury 2018

Dorota Kędzierzawska

Film director and scriptwriter, awarded many times at international film festivals. Director of (among others) „Nic”, „Wrony”, „Jutro będzie lepiej”, „Pora umierać”.

Arthur Reinhart

Internationally acclaimed director of photography and film editor. DOP of films like: „Prowokator”, „Wrony”, „Wenecja” or „Jutro będzie lepiej”.

Kasia Sienkiewicz-Kosik

Art historian by education, editor by trade. Co-owner of the Powergraph Publishing House. Together with her husband she is writing a script for a children’s film.

Rafał Kosik

Science fiction writer, film scriptwriter and publicist. Author of novels „Felix, Net i Nika” (which has been turned into a large-scale film production based in his script) or „Amelia i Kuba. Kuba i Amelia”.

Ilona Dusza-Kowalska

Creator and manager of cultural, educational and multimedia projects, including the co-creation of documentary films. President of the Fundacja Rzeszowska.

Grażyna Bochenek

Journalist with the Polish Radio Rzeszów. Holds a PhD in film science. Leads various film and cultural initiatives.

Agnieszka Karp-Szymańska

Cultural manager, the president of CzasDzieci.pl Group which includes the Internet portal and a Foundation which (among other projects) organizes the Children’s Literature Festival.

Tomasz Jurkiewicz

Director of numerous short and documentary films which have received multiple awards around the globe. Conducts film workshops for children.